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We received some e-mails from our readers asking us to do something for Chelsie, we set up this special section for those that knew her.

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I don't know Chelsie, but my heart and prayers go out to her family. its a shock and a night mare for anything that involves  a human and a child whos
life is taken away  as this was.  My prayers are with the family now.


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This is such a terrible thing to imagine happening. I cant imagine!

I did not know Chelsie, Tammy, or Kevin: but I am a mother of two and this breaks my heart to think of what the families of them all must be going through. May both families find peace in knowing Tammy & Chelsie are in a better place. God will guide them and protect them. Keeping them all in prayer.

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chelsie sierra garner ; me and meaghan and shayna and ashlee miss you soooooooooo much your in a better place , but cha cha save us a seat <3


Haley Brooke Cagle
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